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Our Purpose

Our Purpose


The purpose of this group is to increase awareness about the Chakmas and highlight the numerous human rights issues faced by them. We hope to add new members and supporters from all walks of life.


Still at a nascent stage, we are more of an informal net based club---informing people of the woes and suffering of the Chakmas and lending our voice of support and solidarity for similar causes elsewhere around the world.


Mission Statement

To strive in solidarity to be heroes and heroines of social change.

The array of human rights concerns facing people around the globe is reflected in all the different issues we as young people are fighting for. Human rights are not just the focus of our action plans; they are an integral part of our everyday lives. Even though we come from many different communities, we share a common understanding and commitment to the universality and indivisibility of all human rights - civil, political, economic, social and cultural.


We are a group of young people with one important thing in common. We are all human rights defenders. We find similarities in our challenges and diversity in our approaches. We learnt that despite coming from very different communities and backgrounds, the dilemmas we confront are often quite alike.

The Chakmas, as a community have been one of the unfortunate people in the world, and sadly the world knows not of them. The community faces overt ethnocide in Bangladesh, and covert suppression in India. Our mission is to lend our voice of support and solidarity to the Chakma causes and other indigenous issues as well.