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Our Projects

FRIENDS OF THE CHAKMAS (FOTC) has been striving to carry the message of change to the grassroots levels and act as an agent of change.


Among many other initiatives, our thrust areas have been to help the Chakmas get access to their basic rights to education, health and shelter and facilitate capacity building and leadership training programmes.


We are working towards starting some small scale projects on education and community health.

We are also at the planning stage of a youth leadership training programme for the Chakma youths. Trainers and resource persons from other youth groups (for instance, the Students for Free Tibet) will  facilitate the same.



An FOTC Production: Coming Up

A documentary movie on the Chakmas has been conceptualised by FOTC. It is on the pre-production stage now.

BOR PORANG: The Great Exodus, will tell the heart rendering story of a family separated and hence broken apart by the construction of the Kaptai Hydroelctric Dam in the Chittagong Hills Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh.

Synopsis: Late 1950s. Hundreds and thousands of indigenous people were displaced. Some of them found a safer home thousands of miles away in faraway Aruncahal Pradesh in India. Families were broken, brothers and sisters were separated as they found new homes in their own 'new worlds'. Traversing across countries and states BOR PORANG traces the accounts of  two brothers and a sister and hence the story of all those displaced and whose lands have beebn taken away.

We solicit support for our projects and activities.